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Image by Thomas Foley
Image by Andrew Measham

Emerging Trends in Teen  Vaping

It isn't just fun flavors anymore.

Over the past few years, there has been an uptick in reports of CBD, THC, Fentanyl, and Marijuana vape pens. Cannabis (Marijuana) is a psychoactive drug, which means that it can change mood and behavior. It can also be an addictive substance. Fentanyl is 50x stronger than heroin and 100x stronger than morphine. It is important to know what is in your vape pens if you are going to vape.

Drug poisonings are a large number of fatal overdoses. Drug poisonings are when there are substances that people do not know are there. Fentanyl is one of the main substances mixed into other drugs. There are steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Don't use someone else's substances and vapes

  • If you are unsure about the source of your products, you can test it for Fentanyl

  • If you are using drugs, have a plan to keep you safe (don't use alone if possible, or reach out to the Never Use Alone Hotline)

  • Carry Narcan

A Timeline of Emerging Vape-Related Drug Trends 

September 2019-San Diego, CA

October 2023-Volusia County, FL

February 2022-Mifflin County, PA

November 2023-Gwinnett County, GA

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