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City of Greenfield Overdose Fatality Review 

OFR is an opportunity for the City of Greenfield and our many community partners to come together and address the substance misuse and mental health needs of our communities at a local, county, and state level. 

Our Mission


Increase Community Partnerships

Strive to maintain community partnerships and actively identify and connect with new partners. 

Staff Meeting

Increase Education

Seek opportunities to educate our community on topics such as Narcan training, signs of an opioid overdose, and the resources available in our community. 

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Decrease Stigmatization

Recognize the stigma individuals with substance use and mental health disorders face and work to address stigmatization. 

Our Priority Areas

Strengthen Diversity and Sustainability

Commit to System-Level Change

Amplify Cross-Sector Collaborations

Expand Access to Care

OFR Four-Year Summary

Together, the City of Greenfield OFR team aims to ensure that recommendations made during local OFR's are actionable and addresses needs at not only the community level, but also supporting broader, system-level changes.

2020-2021 has been a difficult time and has challenged local public health to be innovative in its everyday functions. However, with these challenges brought opportunities to expand our reach in areas of Naloxone (Narcan) training, community partnership, and programming.

We have had many successes, including the launch of the health department's Naloxone (Narcan) training program, the addition of a Peer Specialist to assist Greenfield Fire Department with opioid-related referrals, and the growth of the City's health collaborative, SAFE Greenfield. 

As a community, we can all come together to ask questions, grow in our knowledge, and support individuals experiencing mental health and substance use disorders. Below are ways you can get involved.

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