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Family Members, Friends, and Other Supporters

You are not alone. There is support available. 

Resources for family members, friends, and other supporters of individuals who are currently using substances, in recovery, or who have passed away due to a substance use disorder. 

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Learn about topics such as substance use disorder (SUD), opioids, and overdose. 


Below are several resources. You can also review other resources in and around Greenfield for more information. 

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Support Groups

Grief Support After a Substance Passing (Grasp) 

This group meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday each month from 6:30-8pm at the Greenfield Public Library. For more information, call (414) 916-4827 or email the group facilitator.

NAR-ANON Family Groups

Find a NAR-ANON Family Group in your area and details about the support offered. 

Rogers Behavioral Health Family Support 

Learn more about the services and support Rogers Behavioral Health has to support you and your loved one with addiction. 

The Phoenix 

An active sober community that welcomes those in long-term recovery, those new in their recovery journey, and their supporters. 

Punk Rock Saves Lives

A nonprofit  organization that seeks to use the power of music to support artist-chosen awareness topics in the communities they serve. Their campaigns include mental health, Narcan training, and fentanyl test strip distribution. 


Visit for more recovery support services

in your area 

Harm Reduction

Another step family members, friends, and other supporters can take is to participate in harm reduction measures, like Narcan education and training.

NARCAN® is a registered trademark of ADAPT Pharma Operations Limited.

Common Questions

What is Narcan? 

Where can I go to get Narcan? 

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