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In the Age of Social Media

Drug Trafficking 

Smartphones and social media platforms can be a way that teens are targeted by drug distributors. While we can't control everything that is put out there, we can stay vigilant and know the facts. 

In 2021, DEA investigated over 80 cases that included drug trafficking on social media apps. 

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4 out of 10 Pills Purchased Online Contain Lethal Doses of Fentanyl

Fentanyl is cheaper to make and is also 50x stronger than heroin.

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How Drug Trafficking is Communicated Online

Many social media sites have messaging tools and it can be easy to identify and purchase fake pills through these messaging tools. Oftentimes, 'Emojis' or little images and icons, are a way that teens and young adults can discreetly discuss drugs and purchases. 

Examples of Emojis used to Communicate about Drugs Online

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Let's Talk About It

How to talk to teens about drugs

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Resilient Wisconsin 

Adapting and coming back from adversity.

Learn how to build resilience, as well as access help and resources. 

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